Plastics expertise

With all of our expert collaborators, our company ensures excellence for its customers around design / technology / constraints consistency budgetary.

We ensure the development of your plastic products regardless of the processing and assembly technology.



We turn imagination into reality with creativity and innovation. Definition of style, choice of materials, graphic charter, digital modeling, layout plan, 3D configuration, etc.


We take care of all the development phases of a produces the technical constraints, economic and functional such as project management, convergence OEM, the BOM product definition, and product feasibility study / process (mono / bi material injection, slush / PU Spray, foaming, thermo IMG sheathing / forming, manual sheathing, etc.)


In agile mode, we manage your projects by exploiting the latest technological innovations to constantly improve the manufacture of plastic products and their processes: development and 3D modeling, digital visualization, etc.


The complementarity of our teams provide an overview product development.
Our plastics expertise gives the best approach to processes technological and methodological offered in a Lean approach management.

Our support solutions

  • Flat rate :

Commitment to results in terms of quality, cost and time, with flexibility and guaranteed productivity. This solution promotes the interaction of all skills while integrating our project management process according to our quality manual.

We also work on site to ensure proximity with the customer, consideration of internal processes, the possibilities of Front Office / Back Office schemes.

  • Assistance:

We offer expertise to our customers, with an isolated profile or a team, to provide human or documentary technical support on complex projects, support for employees, quality monitoring with measurement of customer satisfaction.

  • Consulting and Training:

Our experience allows us to provide consulting services on functional analysis. Our expertise in plastics allows us to train your teams in the design, development and industrialization of plastic products.