Customer case Renault Clio V

Design of plastic products:
dashboards & central consoles

Renault, the car manufacturer via its suppliers, wanted for the interior of the Clio V, to boldly enrich the style, the decorations and the quality of the finishes of the dashboards and central consoles while implementing functions rarely seen on this vehicle segment.

conception de pieces plastiques automobiles


Our customers have chosen I-SmartDesign to outsource the management of the design of plastic products.

Under design and planning constraints, we had to work on the diversity of boards and consoles with identical finishes. And consider the integration of new functions in this vehicle segment.


We proposed and piloted the concepts, assemblies and tooling technologies adapted to meet the design and product requirements.


I-SmartDesign, a design office specializing in key account engineering, has provided its know-how in order to meet all expectations and go further by improving the product through the use of advanced industrialization technologies to their maximum.


  • 14 months of development from the concept phase to the launch of the tools.


  • Prototype management for validation of assemblies and feasibility of thermo-sheathed and thermoformed parts.


  • More than 200 tools launched.


  • A team of flexible I-SmartDesign designer pilots of 4 to 6 employees depending on the development phases.

Our mission design of plastic products in detail :

For this plastic product design mission, we carried out :

  • 2 versions of caps, injected or foamed, for the same finishes of surrounding rooms ;
  • 3 thermo-sheathed strips per board, multiplied by 3 different finishes ;
  • Floating console for a better finish with the board ;
  • 2 versions of front consoles adapt to a unique interface and board finish ;
  • 3 versions of rear consoles adapt to the same front console ;
  • Installation of different screens, switch bar and manual or automatic air conditioning control ;
  • Installation of USB sockets and inductive charger for smartphones ;
  • HP E-call / Emergency call integration ;
  • Thermo-sheathed cover for driver and passenger knee comfort. It participates in the move upmarket of the console ;
  • Implantation of a luminous ring for a premium appearance ;
  • Badge reader, automatic parking brake, cup holder under louvered curtain ;
  • Sliding and tilting armrest, offering ample storage under the armrest ;
  • Different rear panel to take into account the manual parking brake version.