Plastic parts design:
Dashboard of the new 508

The PSA group, a major automaker, has made a design shift and product placement with the Peugeot 508. An uncompromising design with the daytime running lights with a saber-tooth profile on the outside. The interior design is equally ambitious. From material qualities to finishes, including flawless assemblies. All the qualities expected from a premium range.

conception de pièce plastique automobile
conception de pièces plastiques pour automobiles


Our customers have chosen I-SmartDesign for the management of the design of essential plastic parts on a high-end model: the development of the dashboard, from the concept phase to the production of tools.


  • 1 innovative concept: 2 versions of foamed skins on a single foam insert;


  • More than 60 tools;


  • premium product that is the pride of the brand and of all the employees who took part in its development.
conception planche de bord plastique 508
conception de pièces plastiques
pièce plastique pour voiture
design piece plastique automobile

Our mission of plastic part design in detail :

For this plastic part design mission, we carried out on the dashboard:

  • Left-hand drive or right-hand drive versions, wood decors or not
  • 2 versions of foaming including one incorporating wood decors
  • Management of door, body, bay uprights and windshield docking
  • Management of interfaces and finishes with decorations, light rings
  • Management of the finish of the central console on the board
  • Guarantor of the passenger airbag / board and cross member interface